Music Copyright Protection

Advent of music distribution through online digital web services and direct download of content on to music players using desktop applications such as ITunes has made transfer of music files extremely easy.

Due to this ease of access to music files which generally tend to have small sizes, anything between 3.0 to 10.0 MB, spread rate of single music file and its derivatives grow exponentially over time.

As a result of this ease of transfer, legally purchased music files or leaked pre-releases demo files quickly make their way to piracy hubs and online streaming websites which in turn expose these content to millions of users who can easily download them to their players and computers.

Distribution of music files ahead of producer schedule can easily destroy an upcoming album in a target consumer region. Recently the remixes and modified versions of an artist’s song infest the web before the actual song is officially out on the market which can have catastrophic results for the artist’s career and the record label’s investment.


WHI by incorporating unique technology specialized for music files and sound streams discover and identifies the piracy hubs and distribution seeds involved in illegal dissemination of copyrighted work on the World Wide Web as well as data transportation channels such as Peer to Peer networks.

WHI will contact any person that is remotely connected or benefits from the violation and ensure all parties are warned and informed of the severe consequences of none compliance with copyright imposed by the rightful owners of the infringed material.

Music Piracy Protection Key Features:

  • Automated DMCA and Instant takedowns
  • Remove illegal content from cyberlockers, P2P torrent sites, MP3 download and streaming sites and illegal search listings on Google
  • Database of over 5 billion piracy related web pages
  • 24/7 searching for your content
  • Dedicated tools for key high visibility sites like and
  • Google takedown system designed to optimize search results, pushing legal download options to the top
  • Add additional files at any time
  • YouTube and Soundcloud supported
  • Search by track, album or artist
  • No long term contracts
  • Signup and setup within minutes
  • Fully transparent system, with one click to view hosting sites and source sites
  • Easy-to-use web based dashboard with real time file status
  • 24/7 monitoring of removed content to ensure it stays removed
  • Behind the scenes compliancy team ensuring fast removals
  • 24/7 full customer support