Movie and TV Copyright Protection

Availability of high speed internet and content transportation channels allow for easy transfer of huge media files across geographical and technological borders in just less than few seconds.

Watching pirated films, a conduct once unpopular due to the low quality of available pirated versions, today has turned into a common practice among consumers. In recent months High definition versions of almost every movie have appeared on piracy hubs just days after release of advertisements to billboards across town.

The full length high definition movie with its subtitle in at least 20 different languages can be downloaded onto a local hard drive in matter of seconds. The local versions are then burnt on to a DVD. The DVD is inserted into a home theatre system and the cycle of piracy is begun.


Using bleeding edge technology WHI can constantly monitor known piracy hubs.

WHI can monitor every possible channel for possible attempts of unauthorized transport of copyrighted material and prevent the violation and content the damage to minimal amount. All this complex and lengthy procedures that are nearly impossible for any human agent to carry out are just executed and done in times periods of only few seconds.

WHI will contact any person that is remotely connected or benefits from the violation and ensure all parties are warned and informed of the severe consequences of none compliance with copyright imposed by the rightful owners of the infringed material.

Movie and TV Piracy Protection Key Features:

  • Automated DMCA and Instant takedowns
  • Remove illegal content from cyberlockers, P2P torrent sites, MP3 download and streaming sites and illegal search listings on Google
  • Database of over 5 billion piracy related web pages
  • Supporting all leading UGC sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Youku
  • 24/7 searching for your content
  • Easy-to-use web based dashboard with real time file status, with multiple team logins
  • Unique monitoring service for new releases included in price
  • Fully featured daily, weekly and monthly reporting via email
  • Dedicated tools for key high visibility sites like
  • Google takedown system designed to optimise search results, pushing legal download options to the top
  • Add additional files at any time
  • Search by film title or TV series
  • No long term contracts
  • Signup and setup within minutes
  • Fully transparent system, with one click to view hosting sites and source sites
  • Behind the scenes compliancy team ensuring fast removals

24/7 customer support