What is DMCA?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a U.S. copyright law. It addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. DMCA also addresses the rights and obligations of OSP / ISP (Internet Service Providers) on whose servers or networks the infringing material may be found. For more information you can visit: www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

Note: Even though DMCA is copyright law in the USA our service is NOT exclusive to the US only. DMCA .com has worked with webhosting or internet copyright or Intellectual Property Copyright processes within most countries throughout the world. Our takedown contacts are in all the major hosting countries.

How do I get my content removed from another website?

If someone has stolen your content WHI can help. Simply submit the name and location of where you found the stolen content and we can go to work on your behalf. Most of our takedown clients are people or organizations that have found their content listed on another website without their permission.

Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are:

  • Pictures – of you or taken by you
  • Videos – of you or taken by you
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Applications and Programs
  • Profiles or Bio’s – personal or corporate

If one of these examples is like your situation we can help.

How do you get the content removed so fast from websites?

Here at the WHI office, our team of professionals have direct connections to online industry leaders at the hosting and ISP levels. These direct connections allow us to deal with the companies involved in hosting websites and the content, bypassing regular communication channels which could take weeks to process. We have been around for years, and our direct connections with the hosting, and ISP’s can cut down removal times from weeks down to a few hours or days.

What if my content did not have a copyright notice (stamp or logo)?

It does not matter. It still cannot be used without your permission. If content – pictures, articles, art, photos are private and original they are considered protected and even copyrighted. WHI can get that content taken down for you.

How soon will my content be removed from an infringing website?

Normally we have your copyrighted material down within 24-48 business hours. Our best time was under an hour! However we ask for 5 business days to get our work done. The exceptions that may take longer are:

  • if the OSP/ISP does not follow standard DMCA policy or accepted takedown procedures
  • if the OSP/ISP is located outside the USA

Neither exceptions mean the take down time will be longer. And most often our professionals will advise you of conditions that may take longer than usual

How long does it take to fill out the DMCA takedown form on WHI.ro?

3 minutes! That’s all you need to complete the DMCA Takedown form on our website. Then we do the rest for you. Our goal at WHI is to make things as fast and easy as possible for you. If you have any questions along the way, we can help you through email or our contact form. PLUS we also provide phone support free of charge.

My ex boyfriend (ex girlfriend) posted my private photos (or videos) on a website without my permission. What should I do?

We have handled many DMCA Takedown cases in which private personal photos and/or videos were posted on the internet and WHI was successful at getting them removed every single time. If this has happened to you we can help. WHI has been successful at getting this kind of infringement taken down from many websites on the internet. Or maybe someone gained access (stole) to your email, computer files, handycam or camera and published personal content on the internet without your permission. WHI can get them removed.

Can WHI remove my personal information from a Dating Site?

Yes. If you have personal content that has not been removed from a dating website as requested WHI can help.

I don’t live in the United States, can I still use WHI services?

Yes you can. WHI clients are everywhere and represent almost every country on the planet. We work removing copyright infringing content from anywhere in the world. Most OSP/SP’s have a “DMCA Protocol” to handle their hosted websites infringing on copyright protected sites. WHI has relationships with hosting companies across the planet and that is how we can get your stolen content removed quickly. No matter where you stolen content is found, we generally have your content removed within 5 business days.

Will you work to remove adult content?

Yes. WHI and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services can provide DMCA Takedown Notices for adult content. If you own the rights to the content we can get it taken down. We also provide special discounted Takedown pricing for content owners and publishers that are experiencing multiple copyright infractions.

Can I sue the website for copyrighted damages?

Yes you can. However, we do not provide legal services. We can put you in touch with a few great lawyers we work with to help you claim damages on your Copyright infringement. WHI is strictly a DMCA takedown site. Meaning we just get your copyrighted materials removed from the wrong website.

I never filed paperwork with the Government for a copyright. Can I still get it removed?

Yes you can still get it removed. In the United States and most countries you do not need to file copyright papers to prove you own the content or copyright. Though we recommend getting your material copyrighted as it makes suing for damages easier, but a Government Registered Copyright is NOT necessary in order to get your content removed.

What about file sharing sites, can you get my files removed from there?

Yes we can. We have had great success getting files removed from all the popular file sharing sites including: rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, sendspace.com, mediafire.com, mirrorcreator.com, easyshare.com, megashare.com, loadto, storageto, netload, ziddu, twoshared, badongo, despositfiles, filefactory, and the thousands more file sharing websites and message boards on the internet.

What information will you need from me when I make a DMCA Takedown claim?

All we need is: your name, email address, a link to the infringing website that is using your content, a link to your webpage or the source of the original or copyrighted content, a quick explanation and authorization providing WHI to proceed with Copyright Takedown Action on your behalf.

What happens after I complete the form and pay for the service?

As soon as you order a WHI DMCA Takedown Notice you will be assigned a takedown case number. You will be emailed a username and password for access to your own secure DMCA Takedown Portal login. From this portal you can monitor the activity on you Takedown case file. In fact much of your communication with WHI will be through this portal as sending information via email is not secure. Generally you will not need to speak to anyone at WHI to get your takedown completed. 99% of the time, after you complete the DMCA Takedown form, our next communication will inform you that your copyrighted material has been removed. Should you require phone support during the takedown we can provide this FREE of charge.

Why should I use WHI Takedown Service and not a lawyer?

We’re cheaper and faster. WHI specializes in online copyright infringement and in DMCA Takedowns. DMCA Takedowns are all we do – and we successfully file hundreds of them every day. Because we specialize in this field – our economy of scale has allowed us to become very efficient at the process. PLUS we offer a money back guarantee – which many lawyers won’t. We’re not lawyers and we are most definitely not saying don’t use one but between our pricing and our success rate you have nothing to lose trying WHI. Lawyers, law firms and the legal community are valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, content protection and the pursuit of thieves. WHI often works with lawyers to help them pursue content criminals across the planet. Their business is the law and ours is the internet and that is why we can do what we do quicker.