Hello, I’m Alex, Founder and CEO of WHI – The Multimedia Trademark and Copyright Protection Company. Myself and my tech team, we offer personalized, 100% set-and-forget online piracy protection services.

Anti-Piracy company WHI was founded in 2011 in Romania and assists organizations in protecting copyrights, trademarks, revenue and online reputation by offering advanced anti-piracy and brand protection services. We use the latest technologies, and constantly update the list of sites to monitor for stolen content to ensure efficiency in our workflow.

We can protect any type of digital product from unauthorized sharing, illegal download or reselling. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook, video training course, WordPress theme, music or software, we can stop people downloading it for free.

Like most other DMCA takedown services we use state-of-the-art scanning software to search for links which are illegally sharing your product and once we find them we get them removed.

Where we differ is that is we don’t just stop there.

Automated anti-piracy software can only do so much and there’ll always be illegal file sharing links it will miss.

We believe you deserve more than just “partial piracy protection.” This is why each of our clients is assigned their own personal account specialist.

Your account specialist is trained and experienced at finding those links which other companies would miss. Each day, every day, 365 days a year they will be out there in the blackhat forums, on the torrent sites, searching the file sharing directories.

We are proud to be the only takedown service which use these automated AND manual search techniques but most of all we are proud of the results we get.

Over the years we have processed thousands of DMCA takedown notices and we understand that online piracy costs your business sales.

Our advanced piracy protection packages will give you complete piece of mind since once our specialists are on the case, anyone who wants to get their hands on your product…is going to have to buy it.

Best of all, despite offering the most comprehensive piracy protection packages you’ll find, we are also one of the best value services.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can protect you and your business from online piracy and lost sales, get in touch and we’ll be happy help.