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Online Piracy In Numbers

$75 billion

the cost of digitally pirated music, films and software per year

432 million

internet users regularly pirate content

24% of traffic

worldwide is consumed by infringing digital content

98% of data

transferred using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks is copyrighted

42% of software

running worldwide has been illegally downloaded

Internet usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, and with it so does the persistent and tenacious practice of digital piracy. Easy access to free downloads on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, UseNet services and online file hosting services (cyberlockers), and widely available live and video streaming services mean that digital piracy is a constant and global threat for organizations – in particular those in the software and creative industries.

TOP 5 Threats to your brand

Online digital piracy directly affects the software, gaming, film, TV, music, e-books industries and other types of online media services which rely on paid subscriptions or download fees – for these industries, piracy can amount to significant loss of revenues and online ROI. Digital piracy takes many different forms:

  • End user piracy – reproducing copies of media or software for distribution without prior authorization.
  • Internet piracy – selling (or making available) licensed media or software on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, Internet auctions or pirate websites.
  • Illegal streaming – unauthorized streaming of live and video content from rogue website, streaming services (e.g. You Tube) or links provided on blogs / social media networks.
  • Counterfeit software – duplicating software, packaging the items as legitimate brands and selling the products.
  • Client server overload – purchasing a single user license for a piece of software (or licensed content), and then allowing several people to access the content or program.

WHI Anti-Piracy Highlights

Our anti-piracy technology powers the industry’s most complete solution for monitoring, detecting and responding to piracy and related promotional activities.

Unparalleled, Full-Spectrum Anti-Piracy Solution for Digital Content

  • Efficiently detects piracy across the Internet by simultaneously monitoring millions of P2P users across all major networks, live and video streaming sites, auction sites, blogs, exchanges, websites and online forums
  • Helps prevent unauthorized distribution and selling of copyrighted works by quickly clamping down on sites and networks that make the materials available
  • Protects revenue anticipated from new releases by proactively detecting and responding to pre-release copies on the Internet
  • Provides extensive forensic evidence for possible future legal action against online pirates
  • Measures effectiveness of anti-piracy efforts through comprehensive reporting of piracy abuses which have been detected and successfully taken down
  • Optimizes anti-piracy budgets through flexible business models and service levels to suit the needs of any corporation
  • Unparalleled, Full-Spectrum Anti-Piracy Solution for Digital Content

Shut down the online distribution and promotion of pirated digital using our proprietary technology

Demand for pirated goods continues to rise, with industry sources estimating lost revenue worldwide due to counterfeiting and piracy at $200B annually. As losses mount, affected industries have less to invest in future releases. And those future releases in turn are threatened by revenue loss from pre-release leaks.

The answer? Monitor, detect and enforce—across as many online distribution and promotional channels as possible to shut down pirated digital goods, wherever they appear.

  • Detect

    • Monitor movies, music, games, eBooks and software, pre- and post-release
    • Monitor all major P2P networks, cyberlockers, live and video streaming sites
    • Monitor video linking sites, blogs, newsgroups
  • Verify and Gather Evidence

    • Verify infringement, presence of copyrighted material
    • Detect related, suspicious listings on other Internet channels
    • Capture extensive evidence on infringers for potential future use in legal cases
  • Enforce

    • Send automated DMCA takedown notices to ISPs hosting infringing sites
    • Send auction and exchange de-listing requests, cease and desist letters to website owners
  • Report

    • Deliver comprehensive online and real-time reports detailing ongoing piracy activity and results of enforcement efforts